ImageImageImageImageAfter visiting the exhibition, Jennifer, Lisa and I all agreed that the “3 weeks in May,” would set as the main concept of our inspiration for this project. For a silhouette, we looked at traditional dress of Amish women. We discussed the gender roles of this religion and centered in the the idea that women do not have to be/or dress overly sexy to be raped.

Doing it in Public

By Jennifer Alonso Posted in Art 459

Doing It in Public

Our Collaboration:

-In this project we had our strongest point brought to the table, like Christin was team leader of sowing, Lisa was team leader of dying, and I was team leader of pattern making, but overall we all helped one another, we did not leave no one behind, and when it came to decision making we all put our input together, until we all came to an agreement, thats when we proceeded with the initiation of making the project happen. but overall it was pretty interesting to learn new thing, such as the dying techniques we used.

By Jennifer Alonso Posted in Art 459