Alter Ego Proposal

Description/Why I chose this:
The reason on why I choose to dress all glamorous is because, I really do not find it that interesting, like yeah it does look good when people dress glamorous, but I cant find the time to do all that, like my hair, and the full makeup, like yeah I do dress up, but i skip out on the whole makeup, I just wear eyeliner, and chapstick, and I do my hair but I do not do it all perfect, I am usually always running late

The difference between my alter ego and I:
The difference between my alter ego and I is that my alter ego will have that time to do everything very detailed, and will be looking very confident at her stance, walk, and so on, and compared to me, I do not have the time to do the hair makeup and dress all glamorous, and usually I try to avoid people, unlike my alter ego which will be saying or waving hi to the people that is looking at her.

The way in how I will be executing this is to try to take pictures of my whole process of me getting ready, from makeup to hair, and I will be trying to take pictures of my-self or just the locations that I will be going.

Blog postings:
I will be posting up pictures of my self getting ready, and I will just be writing how I am feeling throughout the day, like keeping a diary,


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