Well I woke up today (Sunday) , really early to see that it was raining, but I was still determined to execute my experiment, but I was just cold so I really did not want to wake up. But I ended up waking up at 7:00 a.m and finish doing my makeup and hair at 8:20 a.m, then I went to go and pick out my outfit, which is a skirt, a real think shirt which it is like a low u-cup shape, a thin blazer, and heels. so I ended of getting out of the house at 10:00 but it was so hard, I did not wanted to go out of my room, it made me feel so uncomfortable, probably because I am not used to the whole doing the make-up full on, but in the end I got the courage to go out of my room and the house, my first stop was to the grocery store, IT WAS SO COLD!!! I was FREEZING, my shoes where all wet and hard to walk in because it was kinda slippery. Many would just stare but I kinda figured since many might be thinking to themselves if I am crazy to be dressed all glamorous in that weather, but the thing that I was noticing was that a lot of males would let me go in front of them in the lines, or will run to go open the doors for me, and as for the females they would not really look at me, or if they were looking at me once I looked at them they would look away. Then I went home to put away the grocery store, then then second stop was Target, and there I would see the same thing happen, and the third stop was the mall, there people were like whatever about me being dressed, probably because the people that work in the mall go dressed, and the fourth stop was the 99 cents, and the guys would just stare, and also their was one that let me go in front of him, but I guess through the whole day the men would me more kind, but at the same time I just felt it was creepy. Also someone was offering to walk me to my car because I did not have an umbrella, but I tried not to laugh.















Reading Assignment # 9

“These elements resurface in contemporary fashion imagery which substitutes dolls for models or makes models look like androids”
  • This quote makes me think of the ideal barbie doll on how its the role model for all little girls.

“In this case commodity fetishism enabled the displacement of meanings and motifs from the living women onto the doll.”
  • In my perspective I believe that these people tried to become so doll like that then it became into a fetishism, that they tried so hard to look so doll like

“Variously transported on pallets and fork-lift trucks mimicking the packaging of Barbie and other dolls”
  • This reminds me of stars/singer use these concepts on their videos and just as a prop.


By Jennifer Alonso Posted in Art 302

Alter Ego Proposal

Description/Why I chose this:
The reason on why I choose to dress all glamorous is because, I really do not find it that interesting, like yeah it does look good when people dress glamorous, but I cant find the time to do all that, like my hair, and the full makeup, like yeah I do dress up, but i skip out on the whole makeup, I just wear eyeliner, and chapstick, and I do my hair but I do not do it all perfect, I am usually always running late

The difference between my alter ego and I:
The difference between my alter ego and I is that my alter ego will have that time to do everything very detailed, and will be looking very confident at her stance, walk, and so on, and compared to me, I do not have the time to do the hair makeup and dress all glamorous, and usually I try to avoid people, unlike my alter ego which will be saying or waving hi to the people that is looking at her.

The way in how I will be executing this is to try to take pictures of my whole process of me getting ready, from makeup to hair, and I will be trying to take pictures of my-self or just the locations that I will be going.

Blog postings:
I will be posting up pictures of my self getting ready, and I will just be writing how I am feeling throughout the day, like keeping a diary,