Dress and Religion

The article that I found is titled THE NATION; Court Lets Schools Ban Inflammatory T-Shirts; A federal appeals panel rules that an anti-gay slogan sported by a San Diego- area high school student interfered with others’ right to learn.; [HOME EDITION], by Henry Weinstein. In which they talk about on how a “school in the Western United States can forbid high school students to wear a T-shirt with a slogan that denigrates (belittles) gay and lesbian students.” But the thing that was dissapointing about this, but kinda obvious on what was going to happen what that “Harper was represented by two Christian- oriented legal organizations, sued the school district, contending that both his right to free speech and freedom of religion had been violated. Harper asserted that wearing the T-shirt was “motivated by sincerely held religious beliefs” regarding homosexuality and that the school “punished” him for expressing them. He also said the school had “attempted to change” his religious views”

By Jennifer Alonso Posted in Art 302

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