Reading Assignment #7

1.”Post-war youth cultures successfully lifted the mask of masculinity, by revealing that the uniformity and anonymity of the suit was itself a construction, that it was a costume which was consume like any other, and had been perfected to the point of inscrutability by the ruling classes, who visually asserted their power through their ‘respectable’ dress, setting an example that the lower classes were to aspire to in their ‘Sunday Best’.

2.”Exaggeration within the dress of those men who wish to step outside these somewhat rigid definitions has long history, and exaggeration itself need only be slight to provoke moral anxiety”

3.”Angela Carter wrote of these conflicting ideas of femininity in 1975, she referred to the great impact that Andy Warhol’s celebration of drag queens had and asked whether after the unease surrounding traditional vision of femininity of the sixties: the only people we could go to find out what it (femininity) had looked like were the dedicated male impersonators who had kept the concept alive in the sequined gowns, their spike-heeled shoes and their peony lipstick? Probably”

By Jennifer Alonso Posted in Art 302

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