Design Statement

In our design we wanted to in cooperate the unity amongst students, as well it diversity that their is on school campus. by having two (2) color intertwine with one another while making a braid with the two colors, and trying to have both female and male from any type of gender to be part of our connection.



Wearing Response

While wearing the garment we would catch many stair while they would pass by, also some of the reactions of others would seem as if they would ignore us but yet we would catch them staring at us. Another thing that would happen is that they would hesitate to help us out, but yet it seemed as if they were curious and yet shy to try our garment on. While I was wearing the garment at first it felt weird, because we had to walk in a similar pace, so our garment would not tear.  Some challenges that we had was that the sashes would not fit everyone as well the belts that we made, but in the middle of people trying it on we would fix it, such as we made people use it as a necklace. But overall it was a fun project that made us communicate more with one another